Best Organic Shampoo

Best Organic Shampoo: For Healthy Hair and Scalp

Selecting the right shampoo can greatly influence both your hair's health and its environmental impact. Let's face it, enjoying super soft, clean, shiny hair is one of the best feelings—it boosts your looks and your mood!

Recent revelations about the chemicals in many shampoos have prompted many of us, myself included, to reconsider our choices. It wasn't until my hair condition started to decline, featuring broken ends amidst still thick locks, that I switched products and began seeing positive changes.

With a multitude of brands and options out there, it can be tough to find the ideal organic shampoo that fulfils all your needs, whether that's boosting hair growth, keeping your scalp healthy, or promoting eco-friendly practices.

In this article, we review five outstanding organic shampoos that stand out in 2024 for their eco-friendly formulations and effective results.

These shampoos are not only gentle on your hair and scalp but also include the principles of sustainability and ethical production.

Best Organic Shampoos in 2024

1. Awake Organics All Natural Shampoo Powder with Caffeine + Rosemary Oil - BUY HERE

Price: £18.99

This innovative, water-activated shampoo powder from Awake Organics is a game changer in the realm of organic hair care. It ingeniously transforms from a fine powder into a rich lather upon contact with water.

Infused with caffeine and rosemary oil, this shampoo is designed to support healthy hair growth and add volume, making it a top choice for eco-conscious consumers looking for high efficiency without the environmental toll.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Supports Hair Growth: Contains natural DHT blockers to help prevent hair loss.
  • Scalp Care: Aids in reducing flakes and soothing itchy scalps.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all hair types, including fine, curly, and colour-treated hair.
  • Free from Harsh Chemicals: No sulfates, alcohols, silicones, or synthetic fragrances.
  • Ethical Standards: Cruelty-free, vegan, plastic-free, and made in England.
Awake Organics All Natural Shampoo Powder with Caffeine + Rosemary Oil.

2. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Shampoo - BUY HERE

Price: £11.85

RRP: £14.99

I can personally vouch for this second option. Having recently tried Avalon Organics’ Biotin B-Complex Shampoo, and I'm genuinely impressed with how it nourishes and cleanses from the root all the way through to the tips, giving my hair more body and strength. (time frame of 2 months)

It's particularly great for anyone with fine or thinning hair. The formula combines biotin, saw palmetto, quinoa protein, and vitamin E, making it a powerhouse for enhancing hair texture and health.

Key benefits include:

  • Hair Strengthening: Fortifies weak hair, making it thicker and healthier.
  • Scalp Stimulation: Encourages hair growth through scalp nourishment.
  • Naturally Derived: Made with ingredients that promote softness and volume without harsh chemicals.
Avalon Organics Shampoo

3. Faith In Nature Natural Coconut Shampoo - BUY HERE

Price: £5.95

Organic Hair Shampoo Review

Next, let’s talk about Faith In Nature’s Coconut Shampoo, a tropical delight for your hair that offers much more than a lovely scent.

It’s not only one of Amazon’s top sellers, but it also boasts some of the highest ratings with glowing reviews. Plus, it’s quite affordable.

This shampoo is enriched with organic coconut oil, which deeply hydrates and is especially good for normal to dry hair types.

Highlights include:

  • Natural Hydration: Keeps hair moisturised and lush.
  • Eco-Friendly: Paraben-free, SLS-free, and made with 99% natural origin ingredients.
  • Cruelty-Free: Vegan Society approved and not tested on animals.
Faith in Nature Shampoo

4. ATTITUDE Nourishing Hair Shampoo - BUY HERE

Price: £9.99

ATTITUDE presents a nourishing shampoo that is EWG verified, ensuring it contains clean, transparent ingredients. Formulated with 97.9% naturally sourced ingredients like grapeseed oil and enriched with watercress and Indian cress, it offers:

  • Intense Moisturization: Ideal for dry and damaged hair.
  • Rich in Nutrients: High in vitamins and minerals to nourish the scalp.
  • Safety First: Dermatologically tested and vegan.
ATTITUDE Nourishing Hair Shampoo,

5. Tea Tree Organic Shampoo by NatriGlo - BUY HERE

Price: £13.99

NatriGlo’s Tea Tree Shampoo is specifically formulated for those dealing with scalp issues like psoriasis. It uses a blend of organic ingredients to combat dandruff and strengthen hair. 

NatriGlo’s Shampoo supports sustainability through cruelty-free production and by avoiding harsh chemical additives, making it safer for both the environment and consumers.

Its main features include:

  • Dandruff Control: Effective against flaking and scalp irritation.
  • All-Natural Formula: Vegan, cruelty-free, and SLS-free.
  • Universal Use: Suitable for all hair types, promoting clean and strong hair daily.


A Few Tips for Integrating Organic Shampoos into Your Routine

  1. Give it a Trial Run: When trying out a new shampoo, particularly an organic one without harsh chemicals, it's smart to let your hair and scalp adjust. Begin by using the shampoo for a few weeks to see how your hair reacts. This will help you figure out if it's the right fit for your hair type and fulfills your requirements.

  2. Focus on Scalp Health: Organic shampoos often feature natural ingredients that can calm and nourish your scalp. If you're dealing with specific scalp concerns, seek out products with ingredients known for their healing benefits, such as tea tree oil in NatriGlo’s Tea Tree Shampoo, which is excellent for addressing scalp issues.

  3. Measure the Right Amount: Organic shampoos might not froth as much as traditional ones because they lack sulfates. Be careful not to use too much in an attempt to get more foam. A little goes a long way in effectively cleaning your hair.

  4. The Right Temperature: It’s best to wash your hair with lukewarm water. Using hot water can remove your hair’s natural oils, and cold water might not be as effective in cleansing away dirt and oils.

  5. Pair with a Suitable Conditioner: To enhance the effects of your organic hair care regime, follow up with a conditioner that matches your shampoo. This step will help hydrate and smooth your hair, making it soft, glossy, and easy to manage.

Man washing hair with organic shampoo


The move towards organic and eco-friendly hair care products is not just a trend but a significant shift in how we think about beauty and health. Products like Awake Organics Shampoo Powder and Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Shampoo not only offer excellent hair care benefits but also align with ethical practices.

Whether you're concerned about hair loss, scalp health, or environmental impact, these shampoos provide a solution that can help you maintain beautiful, healthy hair while supporting sustainable practices.

Check out this article from Metro that debates whether we should use organic or natural shampoo and conditioner for our hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Organic Hair Products Better?

Organic hair products are generally better for people who want to avoid harsh chemicals and prioritise sustainable and cruelty-free practices. They often contain nourishing ingredients that promote overall hair health.

What Happens When You Switch to Organic Shampoo?

Switching to organic shampoo can lead to healthier hair and scalp. You may experience less irritation and dryness, improved hair texture, and increased moisture retention.

Does Organic Shampoo Have Chemicals?

Organic shampoos typically do not have harsh synthetic chemicals. They are made with natural ingredients, although they may contain some naturally derived compounds. Always check the label for certification and ingredient transparency.

What to Look for When Buying Organic Shampoo?

When buying organic shampoo, look for certifications like USDA Organic or EWG Verified. Check for natural ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, and natural surfactants. Avoid products with sulfate, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

Can Hair be Healthy Without Shampoo?

Yes, some people find that their hair can be healthy without traditional shampoo. Techniques like co-washing (using conditioner to cleanse the hair) or using cleansing alternatives can maintain hair health without stripping natural oils.

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