Your Essential Guide to the Best Sugar-Free CBD Gummies

In the world of wellness, CBD has taken center stage, with a particular sweet treat leading the pack - CBD gummies. But what if you're watching your sugar intake?

Enter the game-changer: Sugar-Free CBD Gummies. These little delights offer all the benefits of CBD in a guilt-free package.

Broad Spectrum CBD: A Sweet Spot

Before we delve into the world of sugar-free gummies, let's talk about broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum CBD is a type of CBD that contains all the plant's beneficial compounds, except for THC. This means you get the full benefits of the 'entourage effect' without any psychoactive effects.

"The entourage effect refers to the synergistic interaction of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids naturally found in cannabis."

The Rise of Sugar-Free Gummies

As more people become health-conscious, the demand for sugar-free alternatives has skyrocketed. This is where sugar-free CBD gummies come into play. They offer the same delicious taste and CBD benefits as regular gummies, but without the added sugars. Instead, they use sweeteners like maltitol syrup, which has a lower calorie count and doesn't cause a spike in blood sugar levels.


Sugar Free Gummies

The Power of CBD Oil in Gummies

One of the key ingredients in these gummies is CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is known for its potential therapeutic properties. When ingested in gummy form, the CBD is released slowly over a period of time, providing long-lasting relief.

The Perfect Dose: 20mg Per Gummy

When it comes to CBD gummies, dosage is key. Most sugar-free CBD gummies contain around 20mg of CBD per gummy. This is considered a moderate dose, suitable for most people. However, it's always best to start with a lower dose if you're new to CBD and gradually increase it as needed.

The Role of Vegetable Oil and Coconut Glazing

Vegetable oil and coconut glazing agents play a crucial role in the making of CBD gummies. They not only add a delicious taste but also ensure the gummies don't stick together. Plus, coconut oil has its own health benefits, including boosting heart health and aiding digestion.

Stay tuned for more insights into the world of sugar-free CBD gummies, including the best products to try and tips for choosing the right gummies for you.

Top Sugar Free CBD Gummies

1. Hempthy 1000mg CBD Sugar Free Gummies - 50 Pieces

  • Brand: Hempthy
  • 1000mg CBD
  • 50 Gummies per Pack
  • 20mg CBD per Gummy
  • Helps promote Health & Wellbeing
  • THC Free
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Vegan Friendly
Hempthy 1000mg CBD Sugar Free Gummies

Hempthy's CBD Gummies contain no THC and are crafted with 99.9% pure CBD Isolate, ensuring no other psychoactive cannabinoids will induce a 'high'.


2. Just CBD 500mg Sugar Free Gummy Worms - 132g

  • Brands: Just CBD
  • 132 grams
  • 500mg of CBD
  • Wide variety of flavours
  • Approx. 12mg CBD per gummy
  • 3rd party lab tested
Just CBD 500mg sugar free worms - 132g

A sugar free variant of your childhood classic, of course infused with CBD! 

3. Just CBD 750mg Sugar Free Bears - 263g

Just CBD are offering an excellent opportunity to try out CBD Gummies if you're looking to start your journey! A relatively medium dosage and generous quantity at a great price! With all of your favorite Gummies especially the Sugar Free Bears with:

  • 263 grams
  • 750mg of CBD
  • Wide variety of flavours
  • Approx. 11mg CBD per gummy
  • 3rd party lab tested
Just CBD 750mg Sugar Free Bears - 263g

Acid E330: A Key Ingredient

Acid E330, also known as citric acid, is a common ingredient in CBD gummies. It's used to enhance the natural fruity flavours and increase the product's shelf life. It's completely safe to consume and adds a tangy twist to your CBD experience.

Citric acid is a weak organic acid that is naturally found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Here's what you should know about citric acid (E330) and its safety:

  1. Natural Occurrence: Citric acid is naturally present in many fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits. When you consume a lemon or an orange, you're consuming citric acid.

  2. Uses in Food: In the food industry, citric acid is used to add a sour flavor to foods and drinks. It's also used as a preservative to keep products fresh for longer.

  3. Safety: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies citric acid as "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) when used in accordance with good manufacturing practices. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has also evaluated citric acid and found it to be safe for consumption.

  4. Side Effects: In general, citric acid is considered safe for most people when consumed in moderate amounts. However, excessive consumption or sensitivity to citric acid can lead to some side effects such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. It's also worth noting that citric acid can erode tooth enamel if frequently exposed in high concentrations, like in some sour candies.

  5. Allergies and Sensitivities: Some people might be allergic or sensitive to citric acid, though this is rare. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include hives, itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing. If you suspect an allergy, it's essential to see a doctor.

  6. Skin Care Products: Citric acid is also used in skincare products for its exfoliating properties. Some people might find it irritating to the skin, so it's always a good idea to do a patch test before using a new product.

  7. Environmental Impact: Citric acid is biodegradable and is not considered harmful to the environment.

The CBD Gummy Bear Revolution

The most popular shape for CBD gummies? The classic gummy bear. These CBD gummy bears are not only adorable but also packed with high-quality CBD. They're the perfect way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD, whether you're at home or on the go.

THC Free: No Highs, Just Health

One of the biggest concerns people have when trying CBD products is whether they will get them high. The good news is that most CBD gummies, including sugar-free ones, are THC free. This means they offer all the potential benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects.

Different Sweeteners: Maltitol Syrup

Maltitol syrup is a popular sweetener used in sugar-free gummies. It's a sugar alcohol that tastes almost as sweet as sugar but contains fewer calories. It's a great option for those looking to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing taste.

The Rise of Free CBD Gummies in the UK

The UK has seen a surge in the popularity of sugar-free CBD gummies. With the growing awareness of the potential benefits of CBD and a rising trend in health-conscious consumption, these gummies have become a go-to choice for many.

CBD gummies fall under the category of CBD edibles - a market that's seen exponential growth in recent years. Edibles, like gummies, lollipops, chocolate, honey, dried fruits and more are a popular choice because they're easy to consume, offer long-lasting effects, and come in a variety of delicious flavours.

CBD Isolate vs. Broad Spectrum

When choosing your CBD gummies, you'll often come across terms like 'CBD isolate' and 'broad spectrum'. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, with no other cannabinoids present. On the other hand, broad spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, except THC. 

Broad/full spectrum will only contain legal limits of THC so it will not produce any psychoactive effects. Check out our blog discussing the various types of CBD.

The Allure of Fruity Flavours

One of the best parts about CBD gummies is the variety of fruity flavours available. From tangy citrus to sweet berry, there's a flavour to suit every palate. These flavours make taking your daily dose of CBD something to look forward to.

Premium CBD: Quality Matters

When it comes to CBD gummies, not all are created equal. Premium CBD gummies, like those available at Crush Organics, are made with high-quality ingredients and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. These gummies often contain broad spectrum CBD, offering a range of cannabinoids for a more comprehensive effect.

Choosing the Best Sugar-Free CBD Gummies

So, how do you choose the best sugar-free CBD gummies? Here are a few tips:

  1. Check the CBD content: Look for gummies that clearly state the amount of CBD per gummy. This will help you control your dosage.

  2. Look for third-party testing: Reputable brands will have their products tested by independent labs to verify their CBD content and purity.

  3. Consider the type of CBD: Decide whether you want CBD isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum CBD. Remember, only broad spectrum and isolate are THC free.

  4. Read reviews: Reviews can give you a good idea of the product's quality and effectiveness.

  5. Consider the price: While you don't want to skimp on quality, make sure the product offers good value for money.

sugar free gummies CBD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there CBD gummies without sugar?

A: Yes, there are CBD gummies available that are sugar-free as we've discussed. These gummies use alternative sweeteners like maltitol syrup to provide the sweetness without the added sugars. They're a great option for those watching their sugar intake. 

Have you tried sugar free CBD gummies? Let us know in the comments!

Q: What CBD gummies are good for diabetes type 2?

A: Sugar-free CBD gummies can be a good option for people with diabetes type 2 as they contain no sugar and won't spike blood sugar levels. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Q: Can CBD gummies spike blood sugar?

A: No, CBD gummies, especially sugar-free ones, should not spike blood sugar levels. They use sugar substitutes that have a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.

Q: Can CBD gummies cause liver problems?

A: There's no conclusive evidence that CBD gummies can cause liver problems. However, as with any supplement, it's always best to use CBD products responsibly and in moderation.

Q: Can you take a CBD gummy every day?

A: Yes, it's generally safe to take a CBD gummy every day. However, it's important to follow the recommended dosage on the product label or as advised by a healthcare professional.

Q: How long do CBD gummies take to wear off?

A: The effects of CBD gummies typically last for about four to six hours. However, this can vary depending on factors like your metabolism, the dosage, and the potency of the gummies. You will still be able to go about your day as usual.

Q: Can CBD curb sugar cravings?

A: Some research suggests that CBD may help reduce cravings, including sugar cravings, by interacting with the endocannabinoid system which plays a role in regulating appetite and cravings. However, more research is needed in this area.

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